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AEMDCon 4 acciones la tiran pero luego entran manos fuertes y la suben. El viernes compraron unas cuantas, parece que haya interés por el valor, pero es un poco aburrida. A ver lo que nos dicen en la próxima reunión
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Ha respondido al tema Chicharros USA - bolsa internacional
AEMDParece que quiera volver a intentarlo, a ver si entra dinero. Las tengo a 1.75. Aethlon Medical Inc. ( AEMD Stock Report ) caught a surge of interest on Tuesday. Prior to this, AEMD stock was very quiet barely trading fewer than a few hundred thousand shares per day for the last several months. By power hour on October 13th, however, AEMD stock had traded more than 3.8 million shares. The initial catalyst came as word hit that analysts at Zacks gave a new price target on the penny stock. The firm issued an $8 target on AEMD stock. The research cited:“We are encouraged by the company s pipeline to study the Hemopurifier in two early feasibility studies around the treatment of patients with head and neck cancer and, separately, those with COVID-19. We believe receipt in August 2020 of an NIDCR grant for collaborative (with the University of Pittsburgh) multi-institution studies in head and neck cancer validates the potential of the Hemopurifier.”In January, the penny stock ran from around $1.30 to highs of $4.34 on COVID-19 momentum. But over the last few months 
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