Myfxbook es un sitio web de estafa - MYFXBOOK SCAM

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    Myfxbook es un sitio web de estafa - MYFXBOOK SCAM

    Hi! I'm new to Rankia USA I must admit, but I was reading some of the information that is in several of the forums and I decided to open this new topic.
    I hope you can post it, this is myfxbook the well known Forex trading website.

    I have been monitoring the behavior of this website regarding its brokers and users for a couple of months and I have encountered different complaints.

    In one of them they claim that myfxbook uses faulty statistics, these trade statistics can be manipulated even by them. That is, a trader can have his strategy, take it, modify it and expose it or sell it as if it were his. Is this acceptable? Of course, no.

    There are also allegations of theft and password use of the inverter. Be able to enter any account that has not changed them. Extraction of data from operations, even in real time, to then make a copy of them and sell it. Some users say that after posting their strategy this was view on other websites.

    I think it is unacceptable, especially if we refer to a website that, in this case, is supported by merchants around the world.

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    Re: Myfxbook es un sitio web de estafa - MYFXBOOK SCAM

    Mt4 estafadores


    CNMV Exposes Further Unregistered Brokers, Adds MT4Invest and OEXgroup

    The two brokers have previously been listed as trading scams or unregulated entities by other European financial regulators.

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